Tuesday, 10 April 2012

New Logo!

I have a new logo! 

Thanks to my wonderful friend and the fabulous artist Ian Turner, I now have a logo to make some fancy tags for the teddies and new pillows, and my Etsy page's shop banner.

Please visit Ian's sites, as his stuff truly is awesome!

Sneak Peek!!!

I have been lazy with updating my blog lately. Sorry! With road trips, scavenging for awesome fabric and buttons and sewing up a storm, my blog got neglected :(

Well, here are a few pictures to show some projects I am working on!

I have collected some interesting fabrics, blankets, bar towels, pins and patches to create some funky throw pillows! Here are a few...some that are finished and some that aren't stuffed yet (who knew that pillows take so much polyfill!)

Old quilt panels I found at an antique store with a tweed blanket backing!
Plaid cord salvaged fabric with bowling patch
Salvaged fabric and fringe with tweed blanket
Plaid cord salvaged fabric with hockey patch
Not finished yet...but will have two of these guys! Square pillows with salvaged fabric...one side yellow and grey paisley and one side grey upholstery
The colour doesn't show up on my camera too well, but this is bright purple salvaged fabric pillow with patches. These pillows will be long and awesome once stuffed!