Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Welcome to my blog!

On the Lisberry Designs blog, you can read about some of my projects (knit, sewn and crocheted...or any other crafty thing I might be up to) and how my new business is going!

So how did 'Lisberry Designs' start? 

Well...after getting a "make your own stuffed animal" book for Christmas from my wonderful sister-in-law, I decided to made my very own teddy bear named 'Señor Teddy'. I made him out of some wool socks I bought at Zellers and some old buttons from my late Babcia's (grandmother) giant stash of buttons. He turned out great and I instantly fell in love with him! 

Señor Teddy was made on a whim and was the start of a small adventure and the beginning of Lisberry Designs. 

One Saturday, Señor Teddy made a trip to Penetanguishine, Ontario...a small town north of Barrie, Penetang for short. His job was to convince the wonderful ladies at Art on the Hill to sell some of my handmade creations. He made such a great impression, that not only did they want to sell Teddy's brothers and sisters made out of recycled clothes, they also wanted to sell anything else I wanted to make. So 'Lisberry Designs' was born! I got busy sewing, crocheting and knitting to deliver teddies, headwarmers, barrettes and shamrock pins to Penetang in time for their annual winter carnival, Penetanguishene Winterama, the oldest winter carnival in North America.

'Ruby' who was made out of an old turtleneck and is currently for sale at Art on the Hill

I'll continue to make things for Art on the Hill, and will also be setting up an Etsy account in the next few days. I also take custom orders, whether it be a knit or crocheted item or a customized teddy bear. 

Keep checking back as I'll be posting some of my new projects!