Saturday, 3 March 2012

Irving the Teddy Bear

For Valentine's Day this year, my boyfriend and I were separated by a few hundred kilometres (about 500km to be exact). So, I decided to send him a little care package to his office to celebrate the day...and also to embarrass him.

I baked a bunch of heart-shaped sugar cookies and some cinnamon/chocolate covered heart cookies to be shared around his office, and made some chocolates and date-squares (his favourite). 

I also decided to sew him his very own Lisberry Designs teddy bear. I used one of his old sweaters that he grew out of and some army green coloured buttons. I changed up my pattern a bit to make the bear larger and more cuddle-able. This in turn made him very lanky and in my eyes...adorable.

Canada Post ended up delivering the care package a day late, but the cookies were still appreciated and devoured on February 15th. The teddy was also an instant hit in his office and became an unofficial mascot sitting on his desk. 

Talking with some of his co-workers the next weekend, we came up with the name 'Irving' for the teddy, after the name of the theatre my boyfriend works at.

I decided to make a name tag for Irving using wool roving and needle felting.

In other news, my Etsy store is FINALLY open! Please take a look around, shop, browse, share with friends, and spread the word :) More will be added soon, including a few new teddies I am working on!

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